FSB announces landmark ‘partnership with purpose’ with De Montfort University offering Business and Health degrees

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(Photo: courtesy of De Montfort University)


By Kunal Chan Mehta Article Date: 22nd September 2021


The Fairfield School of Business (FSB) is thrilled to announce its landmark ‘partnership with purpose’ with De Montfort University – the empowering university – at its Croydon (London) and Digbeth (Birmingham) sites to offer degrees in Business and Management and Health and Wellbeing in Society.


‘Everyone at FSB is proud and privileged to partner with De Montfort University – a leading university celebrated for its incredible ability to empower students,’ said Mr Syed Zaidi, FSB’s Founder and CEO. ‘Our partnership with purpose will enrich the business and cultural communities we work within while supporting social and economic needs during the pandemic.’


Professor Katie Normington, Vice-Chancellor at De Montfort University, advocates widening participation and access agendas (Photo: courtesy of De Montfort University)


Professor Katie Normington, Vice-Chancellor at De Montfort University, added: ‘De Montfort University (DMU) has a rich and mixed portfolio of academic partnerships, UK and overseas, which add intrinsic value to the DMU brand and offer. The development of the university’s collaborative portfolio over the last thirty years has enabled the university to establish regional and national presence and visibility, and contribute to the widening participation and access agendas.


DMU values UK collaborative partnerships as an integral component of its strategic mission and vision, and recognises the mutual benefits of such collaboration to the university, its partners, students, staff and the different communities we serve. In this context, DMU actively pursue engagements with high-quality, relevant, and appropriate, regional and national partners whose work is complementary and compatible with DMU, and whose values align to those of the university, bringing tangible and sustained benefits to staff and students of all institutions.


We are therefore delighted to be working with the Fairfield School of Business with whom we share our core values. My colleagues have been very impressed with the very strong commitment to widening participation, and the enviable track record of successful outcomes for their students. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.’


FSB will work with De Montfort University to create a community of participation, fairness and collective responsibility by empowering its students enrolled on one of its accredited degrees that will be taught by FSB and awarded by De Montfort University.


Dr John Pomeroy, FSB’s Principal, added: ‘De Montfort University is a leader in transforming individual lives and championing fair and sustainable societies. Our partnership with purpose will help shrink the skills gap, help widen participation to higher education and ensure our graduates access employment opportunities that meet their aspirations.’


Both FSB and De Montfort University have decided to work together to deliver teacher training and share best practices to offer greater synergy and benefits to both organisations. Further, staff and students at both organisations will benefit from the cross-cultural links that will subsequently grow as the partnership develops.


FSB supports the government’s widening participation policy that focuses on ensuring every student has an equal chance to further their education. Additionally, through its close links with local community groups and employers, FSB is committed to offering expanding educational opportunities and local degree opportunities by improving accessibility and bringing value to individuals and the local communities in which it serves.


For more information on the De Montfort University accredited courses offered at FSB visit our course page www.fsb.ac.uk/courses or email admissions@fairfield.ac.


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