A Welcome from the School

Hello and welcome to Fairfield School of Business.

You may have found yourself here because you’re about to make a major decision that could change the rest of your life. Before you make your decision, you may want to think carefully about what it will entail:

  • Is this the right time in your life to embark on a Higher Education course?
  • Are you willing to invest the time, effort and money to studying?
  • Do you have clear goals that are attainable?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to all three of these questions, then we are keen to have you onboard. We are looking for motivated and hard working people who want to invest in their future through Higher Education.

At FSB we are proud to foster a truly diverse academic community and our students come from all walks of life. Some students have come to us via traditional study routes but many are returning to education or are building on years of professional experience..

Whatever your circumstances may be, you are more than welcome to continue your educational journey with us.

We are proud of our students and staff and if you are willing to work hard, we welcome you to participate fully in the learning and student life at FSB.