• FSB Celebrates Landmark Ceremony of Inaugural MA Business and Management Graduates with Bath Spa University

  • Silent No More: FSB’s Second Virtual Reality Experience Raises Awareness of Iraq’s Forgotten Genocide

  • Nobody’s Listening: FSB Participates in Virtual Reality Experience that Sheds Light on the Ongoing Yazidi Genocide

  • FSB students discuss digital media influences with leading social impact consultancy inFocus

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Fairfield School of Business (FSB) is a community-based learning provider located in the heart of Croydon, in Digbeth Birmingham and in Leicester. We are an independent, private education institution and we pride ourselves on offering a truly diverse and multicultural learning experience, with Health and Business courses.

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In line with the growing demand of business orientated skills, FSB places a direct emphasis on providing vocational education for those with an entrepreneurial flair.

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