About us


Fairfield School of Business (FSB) is a community-based college located in the heart of Croydon.

The School is one of London’s newest independent, private higher education institutions offering an exciting, diverse and multicultural place to learn.

In line with the growing demand of business orientated skills, FSB places a direct emphasis on providing vocational education for those with an entrepreneurial flair.

At FSB we believe in the provision of education for all and welcome students of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

A large number of our applicants are mature students returning to education to improve their career prospects. As a consequence, we take into account an individual’s past working endeavors and achievements regardless of previous educational achievement.

All students have access to our Student Support, Academic Support Center and the Learning Resource Center as well as ongoing career advice.

Fairfield School of Business is deeply committed to ensuring that all of its students receive a high quality educational experience, and that all students have the opportunity to complete the qualification for which they registered. As part of this commitment the School has developed and published this Student Protection Plan which meets the requirements of the Higher Education and Research Act (2017) and Condition C3 of the Office for Students Regulatory Framework.

Protection Plan