BBC Apprentice star and entrepreneur Jemelin Artigas speaks with FSB about creating a mindset for success



  By Kunal Chan Mehta Article Date: 28 November 2022


BBC Apprentice star, entrepreneur, public figure, and actress Jemelin Artigas returned to FSB Croydon for her much-anticipated talk on creating a successful mindset – a topical subject central to FSB’s community and its commitment to academic integrity.


‘The most successful leaders you know work on their mindset every day. The mindset you have throughout your life will impact everything from how you study to how you grow to how you prosper. It will determine whether you live as who you want to be or not,’ espoused Jemelin during the live-streamed event held at FSB Croydon. ‘We all have an opportunity in front of us and that is to create a mindset for success.’


FSB students and staff stand with Jemelin Artigas (Photo: FSB)


Jemelin, who appeared in series 15 of the BBC Apprentice show – where she was selected from over 75 thousand applicants – was named by FSB students as their favorite Apprentice candidate of all time. She is currently authoring a book on her incredible journey that started from homelessness through to setting up successful events to working on films such as Fury (2014) alongside Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, and Michael Pena. Jemelin outlined that she is currently working on multiple TV projects and that she is only just getting started.


Mr. Mohammed Zaidi, FSB’s CEO, said: ‘Jemelin is full of resilience and her remarkable success story has always struck a chord with FSB’s community. She is a motivating entrepreneur who has shared her extraordinary roadmap for creating a successful mindset encouraging our student community to further believe that they can grow, change and improve.’


George Washington, Business Management student at FSB Croydon, presents Jemelin with her favourite flowers (Photo: FSB)


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