By Kunal Chan Mehta, FSB’s Public Relations Manager, Article Date: 26 Jan 2023


The Fairfield School of Business (FSB) was thrilled to host The Civic Mayor of Croydon at its second free-entry job fair – in conjunction with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Gatwick Airport Limited – at its Croydon campus. With 23 well-known employers offering hundreds of jobs, with interviews held on the spot, and with a whopping 60% of previous attendees having been offered jobs on the day – there was something for everyone.  



The Civic Mayor of Croydon hears about the multitude of jobs on offer at Boots


The Civic Mayor of Croydon speaks with Greggs about tasty treats and thrilling jobs offers made on the day


Dhan Chooramun, FSB’s Associate Dean is recognised by The Civic Mayor of Croydon for his on-campus support and coordination with DWP colleagues


Zerka Sahak, FSB’s Student Support Officer, guided job seekers and employers on the day while supporting FSB’s stand


Over 750 job seekers arrived at FSB Croydon to meet employers face-to-face


Mr Azhar Abbas and Ali Ahsan, who led operations on the day, stand with Kunal Chan Mehta, FSB’s PR Manager and Taha Yusuf, FSB’s IT Support Engineer


Speaking about the event, the Civic Mayor of Croydon said: ‘I was enthralled by the enormous energy the employers and job seekers brought to Croydon. I was particularly pleased with how FSB created a cooperative platform with the DWP to host its second job fair. It brings the best of Croydon’s talent to Gatwick Airport owing to the ease of access and excellent transport links.’


Over 750 job seekers had the chance to meet over 27 hiring employers – including – Caffe Nero, Border Force, Boots, DHL, Watches of Switzerland, World Duty Free, WHSmith, Pret a Manger, Havaianas, Greggs and SIXT. Mel Munro, DWP Customer Service Leader, told FSB News, that this was ‘another great collaboration of Jobcentre areas, our Gatwick employers and FSB.’


Over 750 job seekers gather to secure career advice and interviews on the day


Gatwick airport – a city that never sleeps – is a magnificent place to start a career,’ added Mr Mohammed Zaidi, FSB’s CEO, praising the ongoing prospects provided by the DWP and Gatwick Airport Limited. ‘With so many job and career opportunities, the face-to-face jobs fair is an excellent event for anyone seeking to further their career and discover new employers.’


Xiao Zhang, a Business student at FSB Croydon, who attended the fair, said: ‘The job fair allowed me to network and discover amazing opportunities first-hand. Simply asking hiring employers about their working environments allowed me to make informed career choices. So many of the employers offered me employment guidance on the day and I can not thank FSB, the DWP and the employers enough.’


The Civic Mayor of Croydon presented with flowers and gifts from Dr John Pomeroy (l), Ali Ahsan (centre) and Mr Azhar Abbas (r)


The Civic Mayor of Croydon with Dr John Pomeroy, FSB’s Principal, and FSB Security leads – Anthony Ghann (l) and Anthony Ajala (r)


Dr John Pomeroy, FSB’s Principal, said: ‘This was yet another successful Gatwick jobs fair with lots of job interviews and offers made on the day. The accomplishments of these fairs are very much down to the drive and determination between DWP, Gatwick Airport Limited and FSB to fill the amazing vacancies on offer.’


Dr John Pomeroy, FSB’s Principal, sporting stand merchandise, with impressed DWP senior staff


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