The Mayor of Croydon and Central Croydon MP praise the passion of FSB students



By Kunal Chan Mehta Article Date: 8th Jul 2019



The Mayor of Croydon, Cllr Humayun Kabir, and the MP for Central Croydon, Sarah Jones, visited FSB this week to discuss Croydon community development and to take a look around FSB’s campus facilities.

Speaking with FSB students and staff, The Mayor deliberated on FSB’s positive impact as a learning community and, in particular, the importance of FSB students giving back to the Croydon community.

The Mayor of Croydon and Central Croydon MP were introduced to FSB’s role in society, detailing the reach, diversity and growth of FSB. The visit also touched on how FSB is responding to its social mission of removing barriers to higher education and how students from disadvantaged backgrounds are supported.

During the speech, The Mayor of Croydon said: ‘It has only been a few weeks into my role but I feel I am already off to a good start after meeting so many passionate and inspiring FSB students.’ The Mayor went on to say that FSB students offered a rich pool of talent that would be welcomed at Croydon Council.

Sarah Jones MP, speaking about her constituency role and founding the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Knife Crime, said: ‘It has been a privilege hearing from FSB students about their moving journeys into higher education. It really is motivating to hear about the passion so many FSB students have in looking into the causes of knife crime’. The MP also spoke with students about their learner experiences and focused on new opportunities opening up in Croydon.

Dr John Pomeroy, FSB Principal, thanked The Mayor of Croydon and Central Croydon MP for the visit, adding, ‘We are really excited about our future plans that build on the synergies between education and community engagement.

The Mayor of Croydon and Central Croydon MP were shown student presentations on learner journeys and how FSB has supported students in various ways.

Patrick Unsby, Y1 Business Foundation Degree student, coordinating video and photography on the day, said: ‘It was an enormous honour to showcase my video work to such respectable personalities and the praise they have given me has really gone a long way in terms of confidence and motivation. I can not thank FSB enough for this amazing opportunity’.

Cristina Badea, Y1 Business Foundation Degree student, added: ‘It was a huge honour to present to such respected visitors and I felt really inspired by what they said about our passion for learning and community development. This is a day that will stay with me for a very long time’.

See Patrick Unsby’s video here:

Sarah Jones MP welcomed by FSB students and staff

Dr John Pomeroy on tour with Sarah Jones MP, The Mayor of Croydon and FSB students

Sarah Jones MP speaks about knife crime and community development in Croydon

Sarah Jones MP and The Mayor enjoy videos and presentations from students

Dr John Pomeroy announcing FSB’s social purpose in removing barriers to learning

Cristina Badea, Y1 Business Foundation Degree student, addresses the table about her role at FSB and passion for helping communities that are underserved in Croydon

Patrick Unsby, Y1 Business Foundation Degree student, steals the show with his video and presentation

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