FSB Croydon sits on focus group with Parent Zone about family digital life



By Kunal Chan Mehta Article Date: 11 January 2023



FSB Croydon students participated in a family digital life focus group with Parent Zone, an organisation aiming to improve children’s outcomes in an increasingly digital world. 


Image: FSB Croydon


Parent Zone sits at the heart of digital family life: the struggles, the magical moments, and the times when things seem complicated or confusing. As part of its mission, it undertakes research into the issues affecting children, young people and families in the digital age.


Speaking about the focus group, held at FSB Croydon on 11 January, Dhan Chooramun, FSB Croydon’s Associate Dean, said: ‘It was a privilege for FSB students to speak up on the impact of the digital world and to highlight concerns with disinformation and personal data use. This event will also help the student voice to be heard and contribute to shaping policies on the management of digital work and life balance’.

Zerka Sahak, a Student Support Officer at FSB Croydon, added: ‘It was an incredible and informative event, especially for our students who are parents. We hope to see more similar events in the future.’


One of the many consequences of the lockdown in 2020 was the amplification of digital poverty. Further, in October 2020, Parent Zone carried out research with Ipsos MORI to understand how families have been coping with COVID-19.  The research found that not only has the mental health of many children been negatively affected, but a clear link exists between a family’s well-being and its financial situation.


FSB will be working again with Parent Zone in the near future to help shape policies in the borough.


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