FSB Deputy CEO salutes Southgate’s Euro 2020 purposeful, progressive and patriotic leadership

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By Kunal Chan Mehta Article Date: 12th July 2021

Mr Mohammed Zaidi, FSB’s Deputy CEO, praises Gareth Southgate’s Euro 2020 leadership as one embedded in purposeful patriotism.


Long blessed with talent, but rarely harmony, the 55-year ‘it’s-coming-home’ dream is not fulfilled as England take Euro 2020 runners-up medals.  But, on a much-needed positive note, talent, teamwork and togetherness has rightly placed Southgate’s leadership skills in the global spotlight.


‘Under Southgate’s leadership, England’s national team models the very best of us,’ said Mr Mohammed Zaidi. ‘It is purposeful progressive patriotic precision at its very finest.’


Analysis of Southgate’s role in terms of goals scored – or not – would faultily snub its other more powerful successes from the tournament: racial equality and injustice, free school meals, marking Pride month and taking the knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Mr Mohammed Zaidi added: ‘Thanks to Southgate, we should all be incredibly proud of a team that is, both on and off the pitch, the very best of our country. It would be near impossible to recall an England team that have been so publicly dedicated to society.’


Conveying confidence

Southgate conveys confidence in his players giving them a stronger sense of belonging and the chance to thrive. But for England, football signifies, as only one of few channels, the ability to express – for right or wrong – its ‘nationalism’. It seems that England’s football team is the most coalescing symbol it has in this regard – and Southgate is its sole sentry.


‘Southgate’s leadership has helped differentiate between anti-racism and political stances,’ added Mr Mohammed Zaidi. ‘There are obvious concerns with online racial abuse– but, sadly, this may have been excessively worse if it was not for the strong anti-racism stance Southgate portrayed throughout his career.’


Although the limits of leadership are exemplified as much of what happens on pitch is out of Southgate’s direct control, when we watch England play, we see a team he founded in diversity and compassion building towards a more tolerant society.


Leading is a conversation

Leading is a conversation, and the best leaders today need to use the most appropriate language and enthusiastically show that they are listening. Southgate instilled this conversation confidence in us: we win together, and we lose together. His supportive approach to players, ability to listen and focus on creating and sustaining a positive atmosphere have led to his leadership skills being widely celebrated across FSB.


‘He focuses on the person before the footballer – a form of empowered coaching that will involve listening more than speaking.  His management style will inspire others across the board and that will count as a big win!’ asserted Mr Mohammed Zaidi.


For his relentless focus and ability to inspire others, even requesting for the highest blame for any of England’s penalty short-falls, Southgate will be remembered as one of the most successful leaders of the men’s English football team.


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