FSB students celebrate and champion diversity


Diversity Day with Dhan Chooramun, Associate Dean at FSB Croydon with George Washington, FSB Croydon campus Student Union President

By Kunal Chan Mehta Article Date: 18th May 2022


While it is traditional practice to champion diversity, for FSB it is more than an ethical-legal responsibility, but rather a way of doing things better in a very much interconnected world. FSB Croydon students celebrated diversity by dressing and dancing in traditional and cultural clothing and by bringing in cultural cuisines during their first annual in-person event after the pandemic hiatus. The event aims to bring diverse perspectives, thoughts and creativity to the FSB mix.


‘Organisations that employ people from the same pool, with the same experiences as themselves, actually block themselves from the huge practical advantages of a diverse workforce,’ said George Washington, Student Union President at FSB Croydon. ‘At FSB, we have seen astonishing things happen when we create a strong mix of backgrounds and skills.’


Mr Mohammed Zaidi, FSB’s CEO, added: ‘Celebrating diversity means strength where everyone is sparking ideas off each other. A rich mix of people with varied ethnicities, experiences and examples to share makes FSB inclusive and fosters a better student journey for everyone.’


FSB Croydon students celebrate cultural clothes, food, music and dance


Dhan Chooramun, Associate Dean at FSB Croydon, said: ‘A strong focus on diversity is essential as the world continues to rapidly globalise and encompass multicultural environments and perspectives. Our diversity events show that FSB is the first to reap the measurably positive rewards of having a strong focus on diversity and multicultural campus environments.’


George Washington, FSB Croydon campus Student Union President leads in a centre staged dance to everyone’s delight


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