Learning and Teaching

In aiming to ensure that the School continues to provide learning and teaching of the highest quality FSB are committed to the following principles and hallmarks of best practice:

Quality and Entitlement

We will endeavour to ensure that all students have access to appropriate learning opportunities regardless of their personal circumstances or backgrounds. Inclusive practice is of fundamental importance to all tutors, teaching teams and school staff. All staff constantly seek to improve access for our students. All tutors recognise student diversity as a resource rather than a restriction.

Professional Standing

We will endeavour to ensure that skilled and qualified staff provides tuition to students. Tutors are fully qualified in their subjects and have attended teacher training programmes. All tutors undertake regular continuing professional development both to keep abreast of changes in their subject and to enhance their teaching skills.

Differentiated Learning

We will endeavour to ensure that academic programmes and activities are effectively planned so as to build upon previous academic achievements and to meet curriculum requirements.

Initial assessment is used to advise students on appropriate course programmes and activities. Induction programmes help students to understand their chosen course programme and commitments. All students are challenged whilst being supported appropriately. Learning activities acknowledge personal experience gained in a range of educational and training settings. Students are encouraged to reach their individual potential.

Progress Monitoring

We will endeavour to ensure that regular checks are made of student’s progress and students are able to monitor their progress. Constructive feedback is given to students on their efforts and achievements. Detailed records are kept of student progress (class tests, assignments and examinations, attendance and punctuality). Students are expected to attend regularly, if you do not attend you are unlikely to succeed. Students will be advised when progress is falling behind and if you are not attending you may be required to leave the course.

Academic Standards

We will endeavour to ensure that only students’ work that is of the required standard is approved. The requirements of qualifications and awards are interpreted consistently. Systems for standardising, moderating and verifying the quality of students’ coursework are in place for all courses and consistently applied. An open and fair assessment policy and appeals system is available to students. Accurate records are maintained of assessment and appeals decisions.

Continuous Quality Improvement

We will endeavour to ensure that there is continuous monitoring to assure and improve the quality of tuition. Scheduled class sessions are evaluated including observations of class tuition and workshops. Annual development planning is undertaken for all academic programmes.

Opportunities for Student Feedback

We are always seeking to improve our programmes. Surveys of students’ views are made regularly via the Student Feedback Form. We aim to provide a fast response to problems reported to us, but some issues (such as matters of curriculum design) may be inherently impossible to resolve until the following academic year – so that your successors gain the benefit. The 'student voice' is also heard through membership of Committees and through the Students' Union.