FSB students praised for knife crime debate at New Scotland Yard

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FSB students inside Scotland Yard with Assistant Commissioner Mark Simmons. Photo: FSB


By Kunal Chan Mehta Article Date: 12th Nov 2019

A group of FSB students were praised for taking part in a knife crime crisis interview with Mark Simmons, Met Police Assistant Commissioner for Frontline Policing, on 07 November 2019.

The students were given an outstanding opportunity to take part in the event at New Scotland Yard focusing on asking the Assistant Commissioner a series of thought-intensive questions about knife crime issues and concerns.

See the recording of the event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifu4WpOLBP0

Commenting on the event, Tina Kistow, FSB’s SU Coordinator, said: ‘It was an immense privilege for us all to be invited to New Scotland Yard to question AC Mark Simmons – a leading authority – on the crises, challenges and concerns surrounding knife crime. We look forward to working closely with Scotland Yard in addition to the civic work that we are currently doing.’

Mr Syed Zaidi, FSB’s CEO, added: ‘We are extremely proud of our students who have energetically put forward thought-provoking knife crime questions to the Assistant Commissioner. They have conducted themselves in a very sophisticated and diplomatic manner. I look forward to the forthcoming knife crime work from our students – many who are already active in knife crime events with The Mayor of Croydon and various charities. I thank Kunal Chan Mehta for organising this bespoke event in light of his former employment with the Met Police, Prison and Probation services.’

Baxter Ways with AC Mark Simmons discussing Met Police careers

Cristina Badea with AC Mark Simmons discussing causes of knife crime

Bianka Voros questions AC Mark Simmons about his 37-year career with the Met Police

Laila Boughajdim outlines her own ideas about the importance of police numbers with AC Mark Simmons

Shantal Moses and AC Mark Simmons discuss knife crime initiatives

Vivian Chishimba with AC Mark Simmons praising the scoping work of the Met Police

SU Coordinator Tina Kistow and AC Mark Simmons


Sharna Green (L) and Fransoy Hewitt (R) ask AC Mark Simmons questions on the disturbing misconceptions of those who believe carrying a knife to be a good idea

Eszter Noemi Kiraly (L) and Agnes Gilbert (R) thank AC Mark Simmons for taking their knife crime questions

Patrick Unsby on camera


Further information:

Tackling knife crime is a priority for the Met. Whether you want to find out how you can help yourself, your friends or family you can find practical help and advice here: https://www.met.police.uk/StopKnifeCrime

If you or someone you know has information that may help prevent a violent crime, or help an investigation, but are not comfortable speaking directly to police, please contact the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. They do not ask your name or trace your call.

Anyone who has information about violence or knife crime can visit www.fearless.org where they can pass on information anonymously. Fearless is part of the Crimestoppers charity and is also independent of the police.

If you need help or information to support someone you suspect is involved in knife crime, or you want assistance yourself, then you can visit www.knifefree.co.uk

Please email the author of this article kunal.mehta@fairfield.ac for any questions or comments or to find out more about participating in similar interviews.

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