‘Start-Up Synergy’ Symposium Fuels Entrepreneurial Spirit at FSB

By Kunal Chan Mehta, FSB’s Public Relations Manager, Article Date: 21 November 2023

In a dynamic and intellectually charged atmosphere, FSB’s inaugural ‘Start-Up Synergy’ symposium provided budding students with a transformative experience, offering expert insights into entrepreneurial journeys and the development of crucial entrepreneurial traits.

Mr Mohammed Zaidi, FSB’s CEO, said: ‘The symposium served as a compass, guiding FSB student participants through the intricacies of entrepreneurship and offered practical strategies for establishing and scaling successful ventures.’

Dr Anish Patel (l), a Dental Surgeon and Entrepreneur and one of the keynote speakers with Dhan Chooramun (l), Academic Dean of FSB Croydon. (Photo: FSB)

Dhan Chooramun, Academic Dean of FSB Croydon, added: ‘Start-Up Synergy, hosted at FSB Croydon, was more than an event – it was a catalyst for student personal and professional growth. The expert speakers fostered an environment where passion met with knowledge, setting the stage for the next generation of business leaders to flourish.’

A poster for the event highlighting the accomplished experts and entrepreneurs who mesmerised FSB students in attendance. (Image: FSB)

Dr Ozlem Ozdemir, an Assistant Business Professor and Entrepreneur, and speaker at the event, who formerly worked at FSB, commented: ‘It was a pleasure discussing and learning from the enthusiastic students. The insights about their inspiring ideas and experiences were remarkable.’


Dr Ozlem Ozdemir, an Assistant Business Professor and Entrepreneur, speaks about entrepreneurship with empathy and empowerment. (Photo: FSB)

Dr Anish Patel, a Dental Surgeon and Entrepreneur and one of the keynote speakers, inspired students with his views on having a positive mindset and creating opportunities from dreams: ‘A positive mindset is the first rule of entrepreneurship. You will fail, but it is never an option so never give up.’ Dr Anish went on to offer his 6 reasons for success: 1) Work hard, 2) learn continuously, 3) be proud of what you do, 4) reflect on your mistakes, 5) craft your communication and 6) do things that make you happy for your Mental Health.

(l-r) Dr Shabnam Quazi, Academic Lead, Dr Arjun Raj, Business and Health Lecturer, Ali Ahsan, FSB Croydon Operations Manager, Sen Rajan, Health Lecturer, Zerka Sahak, Student Support Coordinator and Mustafa Majid, Health Lecturer at FSB Croydon. (Photo: FSB)

Participants gain a deeper understanding of the challenges inherent in entrepreneurship along with the knowledge required to navigate and overcome them. (Photo: FSB)

The symposium at FSB Croydon was not one-sided; it thrived on active engagement. Attendees had the opportunity to interact directly with seasoned entrepreneurs, posing questions that sparked insightful conversations. This interactive element ensured that the symposium transcended theoretical discourse, providing practical insights that resonated with the real-world experiences of both speakers and participants.

Event organisers (l – r), Dr Arjun Raj, Business and Health Lecturer, Ana-Maria Buta, Academic English Tutor, Stephane Halawe, Business Lecturer and Sen Rajan, Health Lecturer at FSB Croydon (Photo: FSB)

As we reflect on the success of ‘Start-Up Synergy’ at FSB Croydon, we extend our gratitude to the speakers, participants, and everyone who contributed to making this event a resounding success. The symposium showcased Entrepreneurial Month’s vibrancy and underscored the importance of such initiatives in shaping the future of business leadership at FSB.

Start-Up Synergy is a one-day symposium held annually at FSB to promote student entrepreneurship and innovation. The event unites entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders in a purposeful exploration of how both individuals and businesses can contribute to the transformative evolution of our world.

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