Student Experience

Everyone needs relaxation time and the common room is equipped with chairs, tables and a TV to allow some downtime, computers are also available for work if you wish. Many students use the common room at meal times and there is a vending machine with drinks and snacks.

The President of the Union, as well as Representatives (all elected by students), work together to protect the rights of students’ at the School. Providing a voice to the student population, the Union will present all feedback to the Senior Management Team to ensure your time at FSB is inspiring, fulfilling, safe and productive. As well as making sure your voice is heard, the Students’ Union host several social events throughout the academic year to encourage positive student relations. They also organize speakers and workshops giving careers advice.

The FSB approach particularly appeals to older students who prefer the more rigorous and professional atmosphere of an Adult College. So, whilst school leavers and college graduates are very welcome, they are advised to seriously consider if they feel at home in the more mature, self-disciplined environment expected at FSB.

you may view our Student Union Constitution here:

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