MBA Leadership (PostGraduate)

MBA Leadership (PostGraduate)
Starts from: September 2024
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The MBA degree in Leadership develops your talent and potential as a creative, innovative, and enterprising leader.

➢ Develop your theoretical understanding and professional expertise in strategic management and leadership.  

➢ Engage with current debates on the issues and challenges facing managers and leaders today. 

➢ Learn to manage complexity, diversity, and change, and develop innovative approaches to the challenges facing teams, organisations, and sectors. 


The MBA Leadership course offers executive leadership education and professional career development for individuals with existing management experience. 

Created and delivered through close consultation and collaboration with employers, the course is designed to ensure that you’ll graduate with the leadership skills that organisations need in an ever-changing business environment. 

The MBA Leadership supports the development of strategic leaders who can work effectively in a range of roles, drawing on a broad mix of transferable professional skills and experience. 


What you’ll learn ?

The MBA Leadership is designed to further develop your understanding of theoretical and practical knowledge and expertise in business, management and leadership. 

The course enables you to take an international perspective about business, management and leadership to deepen your understanding of the impact of globalisation on business, societies and the environment. 

It supports your professional leadership development through scholarly enquiry, peer discussion and networking, evaluation, work-based learning and reflective practice. 

And it challenges you to further develop leadership and management expertise that is relevant to your chosen career path and develop the lifelong learning skills crucial to your ongoing personal professional development. 


How you will be assessed? 

You’ll be assessed by a variety of methods that may include some or all of the following across the various modules on the course: 

    • Reports 
    • Case studies 
    • Business plans 
    • Proposals for work-based projects / consultancy project 
    • Reflective learning, professional career development and work-based experience portfolio 
    • Project evaluations 
    • Presentations. 


Programme modules  

    • Leading, Managing and Developing People 
    • Strategic Management 
    • Strategic Marketing Management 
    • Project Management 
    • Leading Change and Innovation 
    • Governance and Risk Management 
    • Corporate Financial Management 
    • Professional Development Portfolio 
    • Leadership Project


How will I be taught?

We combine academic study with work-based learning and your own professional experience. You’ll learn through a variety of activities including lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials, online activity and discussion, case studies, and project work. 

Staff on this course offer you access to a wide range of academic and practical expertise in leadership and senior management. You’ll benefit from one-to-one tutorials, workshops, peer-support and shared learning. We work with you to ensure that what you learn on the course develops into effective practice in the real world, and enhances your professional career development. 

Course Fees 

2022/23 ENTRY – Full time course 1 year fee £9,500

2023/24 ENTRY – Full time course 1 year fee £9,930

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